So we launched this site in September of 2021. I know it is difficult to find a lot of information about us, but if you go to royalpayscash.com, you can see that we are featured on their home page. Why is that important? They have been servicing Chicago for 50+ years and were even featured on the TV show Hardcore Pawn Chicago. It ran for 2 seasons on TruTV. Shop JNC works very close with Royal.

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How do we source our items?

We work very closely with Royal Pawn Shop and many other leading industry suppliers.

Why is JNC here today?

Our online store is operated by Johnny & Nick, a brother combo dedicated to bring amazing deals and products into consumers hands. We understand purchasing products online can be a daunting task due to shipping, returns, and product quality. At Shop JNC, we guarantee that every single purchase you make will be backed by our JNC Money Back Guarantee. Check out our store and get in touch with any questions or concerns you have, the JNC team is here for you.


Selling through Shop JNC & not eBay

We stopped selling through the eBay platform because eBay fees kept increasing. The enjoyment of running our own platform and interacting with customers is more fulfilling for us through Shop JNC. Also we can provide better deals because we don't have to pay eBay seller fees. So more savings for our JNC customers!

Thank you for checking out our store!

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